Self Portrait with Journals, 1999, oil, ink and paper on panel, 12x11.5"> Inquire Self Portrait with Axe, undated, mixed media, 74.5x58x4"> Inquire Self Portrait with Banana, 2000, oil on wood, 24x36"> Inquire Happy Birthday Peg, 1993, oil on board, 23x29"   Sold> Inquire Peg's Grandmother, 1998-99, oil on panel, 12.5x10"> Inquire Peggy, 1992, oil and alkyd on panel, 96x48"> Inquire Courtyard 2 1993, 1999, oil on panel, 15x21"> Inquire Self Portrait with Yellow Background, 1996-99, oil on panel, 24x17"> Inquire Self Portrait Sleeping, c. 1999, oil on panel, 11.5x17.5"> Inquire untitled (Back of Peg with Mannequin), 1999, oil on panel, 13x10"   Sold> Inquire Strange Gathering, c. 1998, mixed media on paper, 13x10.5"> Inquire Lady with Skull Necklace, 1996-99, oil on panel, 17x13"> Inquire Untitled (Red Mandala), c. 1999, oil on board, 21x21"> Inquire Greg and Peg, 2000, oil on panel, 23x30"   Sold> Inquire Vacation on Red Mounain, 1999, oil on plaster, 16x10"> Inquire Manger Scene, 1999, mixed media on panel, 40x28"> Inquire Self Portrait on Baseball, c. 1999, oil on baseball, 3x3x3"> Inquire untitled (Fertility Goddess), c. 1999, oil on panel, 14x11"> Inquire Provincetown Dunes, 1999, oil on panel, 10.5x32.5"> Inquire English Landscape with Peggy, 1995, oil on panel, 12.5x32"> Inquire