Pallet City, 2021-22, oil on panel, 24.5x30.5"> Inquire El Cable Inglés, Almeria, Spain, 2020-23, oil on panel, 16.5x20.5"> Inquire Hudson River Barge, 2019-21, oil on board, 32x38"> Inquire Chelsea Barge, 2020-21, oil on panel, 30x38"> Inquire Joy, 2016-20, oil on board, 13x12"> Inquire Manifold Manifolds, 2020, oil on board, 22x32"   Sold> Inquire Sawtooth Valley, 2018-20, oil on panel, 36x45"> Inquire Citi Field Construction, 2020, oil on board, 12x24"> Inquire Hudson River Skeleton Piers, 2020, oil on panel, 24x36"> Inquire Central Park, 1997-2020, oil on board, 34x22"> Inquire Excavator Loading Shovels, Yankee Stadium Demolition, 2019-20, oil on panel, 16x20"> Inquire Strip Mall Cowboy, 2019-20, oil on panel, 24x18"> Inquire Train Yard Vestiges, 2020, oil on board, 16.5x14.5"> Inquire Object Obscura, 2020, oil on panel, 8x10"   Sold> Inquire Palm Desert, 2020, oil on panel, 8x10"> Inquire Kern, CA, 2019-20, oil on board, 15x19"> Inquire D 24, 2019, oil on board, 22x32"> Inquire Bonnie Ship the Blackhawk, 1999-2019, oil on board, 33x38"> Inquire The Cancelling Machine, 2018-19, oil on panel, 30x36"   Sold> Inquire ARKANSAS BAYOU, 2017-18, oil on panel, 25x30"> Inquire THE MAGPIE ON THE GALLOWS FRAME, 2014-18, oil on panel, 48x36"   Sold> Inquire HOOKED, 2017, oil on panel, 10.5x8.5"> Inquire WIRE MESH SCREEN, MONTANA, 2017, oil on panel, 14.5x11.5"   Sold> Inquire GAS SEPARATOR, MIDWAY-SUNSET OIL FIELD, 2016, oil on panel, 40.5x48.5"   Sold> Inquire NEW TAIT HOTEL (as seen from the Hotel Finlen, Butte, MT), 2015, oil on panel, 19.5x24.5"> Inquire CONIGLIO NOSTRANO, 2015, oil on panel, 7.5x12.75"> Inquire EAST SIDE ACCESS TUNNEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, 2014-15, oil on panel, 30.5x40.5"   Sold> Inquire CORRUGATED METAL SHACK, 2016, oil and collage on panel, 11.5x14.5"   Sold> Inquire VERMONT (E.L. Smith Quarry), 2014-2016, oil on panel, 36x72"   Sold> Inquire PIPE, 2016, oil on panel, 9.5x15.5"> Inquire SCREW PUMP, 2016, oil on panel, 8.5x13.5"   Sold> Inquire MADRID INTERIOR, 2015-2016, oil on panel, 40.5x30.5"   Sold> Inquire ROTARY SNOWPLOW, 2016, oil on panel, 27x21"   Sold> Inquire FLUSHING BAY HEAT WAVE, 2016, oil on panel, 16x21"   Sold> Inquire JOHN DEERE HARVESTER WORKS, EAST MOLINE IL, 2008-14, oil and alkyd on panel, 32x38.5"   Sold> Inquire NEIL JENNEY, 2012-13, oil on panel, 17x13"   Sold> Inquire BETHLEHEM BLAST FURNACE, 2010-2011, oil on panel, 48x37"    Sold> Inquire PIER 57, 2002-07, oil and alkyd on panel, 25x48"> Inquire 8th AVENUE BUILDING FOUNDATION, 1998-2007, oil and alkyd on panel, 15x38"> Inquire TRAILER, 2003, oil on panel, 9.5x25"> Inquire RUINS AT DAPHNE REVISITED, 1993, oil and alkyd on panel, 30x30"   Sold> Inquire THE BLUE REGULATOR, 1994, oil on panel, 24x30"> Inquire