Epiphany, 2008, encaustic on panel, 68x48x4"> Inquire New White Relief, 2017, encaustic on panel, 24x24x2"> Inquire Knossos, 2014, encaustic on linen, 40x30x2"   Sold> Inquire White Collage Painting, 2015, encaustic on linen, 36x36x3"> Inquire Small White Collage Box, 2016, bronze (unique cast), 7x6x4.5"> Inquire Tabula Rasa, 2008, encaustic on linen, 32x22x1.5"> Inquire Ave Maria, 2007, encaustic on panel, 32x32x3"> Inquire Stainless Spiral, 2012, stainless steel (unique cast), 24x24x3"> Inquire , > Inquire Big Crunch (IV), 1992, color pencil on paper, 19x25"> Inquire White Diptych (III), 1996, encaustic on linen, 26x32x1.5"> Inquire Jewel, 2018, encaustic on panel, 40x40x3"> Inquire Bloom, 1999, bronze (unique cast), 20x20x2"> Inquire Hard Tack, 2017, encaustic on hammock, nails and rope on panel, 85x42x3.5"> Inquire White Falls, 2008, encaustic on panel, 24x18x2"> Inquire Dream Bat, 2017, stainless steel (unique cast), 32.5x2.5x2.5"> Inquire Big White Dream, 2017, encaustic on linen, 70x110x2.5"> Inquire Shadow Aspect (I), 2012, encaustic on panel, 48x48x3.5"> Inquire Charger, 2004, bronze (unique cast), 3.5x18x18"> Inquire Charger, 2004, bronze (unique cast), 3.5x18x18"> Inquire Soft White Painting, 2000, encaustic on panel, 30x10x4.5"> Inquire Dreambox, 2011, encaustic on panel, 6.5x6.5x6.5"> Inquire Little Leda, 2007, encaustic on panel, 32x32x3"> Inquire Vase, 2004, bronze (unique cast), 12x13x13"> Inquire Stainless Diagonal Painting, 2010, stainless steel (unique cast), 10x10x1.5"> Inquire Three Graces, 2000, encaustic on wood, 15.5x13x9"> Inquire Metier, 2008, encaustic on panel, 46x28x2.5"> Inquire Big White Dream, > Inquire Jewel, > Inquire Shadow Aspect (I), > Inquire Girondola, 2007, encaustic on panel, 18x18"> Inquire The Merry Gondolier, 2012, encaustic on panel, 50x40x5"   Sold> Inquire Little Tadzio, 2015, encaustic on panel, 12x24x3"> Inquire Little Serenissima, 2015, encaustic on panel, 24x24x3.5"> Inquire Tiziano, 2014, encaustic on panel, 60x60x3.5"   Sold> Inquire Venezia, 2012, encaustic on panel, 42x48x3.5"   Sold> Inquire Totem, 2011, bronze, stone, 36x8x8"> Inquire Oracle, 1999, natural beeswax on panel, 40x40x2"> Inquire Little White to Dark Grey, 2012, encaustic on panel, 16x16x2"> Inquire Vanitas, 2012, encaustic on panel, 48x48x2"   Sold> Inquire Drums (Yin, Yang), 2012, cast bronze, 16.5x16.5x16.5"> Inquire Orange Sunshine, 2011, encaustic on panel, 24x24x2"> Inquire Love Letter, 2011, encaustic on panel, 16x16x2"> Inquire