Bryan McFarlane at Bromfield Gallery

A Special Exhibition Curated by Napoleon Jones-Henderson
Featuring Artwork by Ekua Holmes, Napoleon Jones-Henderson, Bryan McFarlane,
Chandra Dieppa Méndez-Ortiz, Hakim Raquib.
Jun 29 – Jul 31, 2022
Bromfield Gallery
Curatorial Statement
Napoleon Jones-Henderson
A popular culture, concept of LONG VIEW responds to hope or wish. Mostly centered toward the self.
I, on the other hand, regard a LONG VIEW as a space where one reflects but imagines forward. Imagining forward is a scared journey not a stopover, of visioning.
How does one interpret visioning (?); as a noun? – or is it a verb? I suggest it is a verb, an action, a way of living. The image makers’ artistic practice exists as an action. An ever-blossoming action of imagination that inhabits the spirit, and the soul of the object of its depiction, Humanity; yet, as it may seem a singular/individual endeavor, it is wholly a collective undertaking/journey.
A Collective in the sense that one lives in community while imagining oneself an individual, while all along you are just a ripple of, a LONG VIEW.
Opening Reception: Friday, July 1, 6-8 pm