Dinorá Justice on WBUR

Newton-based artist puts a feminist perspective on ‘masterpieces.’
Dec 26, 2023
by Jacob Garcia

Artist Dinora Justice and her painting, “Portrait 60, after Titian’s The Rape of Europa” (Jacob Garcia/WBUR)

On a recent afternoon, school groups and other patrons take in the work of Newton-based artist Dinorá Justice in the Museum of Fine Art’s contemporary wing.

The exhibit, ”Lay of the Land,” is Justice’s first-ever museum show. It’s one of the perks of being selected as the 2023 School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University traveling fellow.

“It’s like the holy grail of any artist to get into a space like this and have all these people looking at your work,” said Justice. “Because really that’s all artists want. It’s to be seen.”

Her exhibit consists of paintings of faceless feminine silhouettes, set over marbled backgrounds that reimagine art historical “masterpieces” from a feminist perspective.

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