Dysfunctional Family: Portraits by Gallery NAGA Artists. February 5 – 27, 2016

Gregory Gillespie
Self Portrait with Axe, undated, mixed media, 74.5x58x4" > Inquire 
Todd McKie
Stone #6, 2005, stone, flashe, 5x5x3"    Sold> Inquire 
Harriet Casdin-Silver
Venus of Willendorf '91, 1991, reflection hologram on nickel plate (edition of 35), 6x3" > Inquire 
Henry Schwartz
Why I Bought My Condo, 1982, oil on board, 31x15" > Inquire 
David Prifti
Echo, 2004, photo emulsion on steel, 14x13x1" > Inquire 
Benjamin Evans
A.D., 2016, paper, vinyl, corn syrup, 10x4x4"    Sold> Inquire 
Esther Solondz
Megan Dolan, 2010, rust on paper on panel, 29.5x21.5" > Inquire 
Joseph Barbieri
"You Think This is Easy?", 2006, oil on canvas, 16x12" > Inquire 
George Nick
Self Portrait 10 Dec 2015, 2015, oil on linen, 14x10" > Inquire 
Gerry Bergstein
Dream of a Ridiculous Man, 2016, mixed media, 60x38" > Inquire 
Ed Stitt
Ernesto Riff, 2014, oil on canvas, 18x14" > Inquire 
Ken Beck
Dick, 1993, oil on panel, 20.5x24" > Inquire 
Jaclyn Kain
Self Portrait (in the oval mirror), 2016, liquid emulsion on glass, 12.5x12" > Inquire 
Lana Z Caplan
Shift, 2011, HD video, color, sound, (edition of 3), 48 minutes > Inquire 
Rick Fox
Cranberry Island, Michelle, 2015, oil on canvas, 12x9"    Sold> Inquire