Night Vision: Nocturnal Musings by NAGA Artists. June 4 – July 9, 2021.

Alice Denison
Orb, 2021, oil on linen on canvas, 16" diameter    Sold> Inquire 
Cheryl Ann Thomas
Moon Vessel, 2021, ceramic, 16.5x11x11"    Sold> Inquire 
Lorie Hamermesh
Nocturne III, 2021, monoprint with watercolor and carborundum, 11x30.5" > Inquire 
Martin Kline
Dark Vertical Bot (II), 2020, encaustic on panel, 30x30x3" > Inquire 
Richard Raiselis
Night Walk, 2011-12, oil on linen, 56x34" > Inquire 
Robert Ferrandini
untitled (6.9.16), 2016, gouache and watercolor on paper, 18x24" > Inquire 
Rick Fox
Somerville, MA Toward East Chelsea, 2007, oil on canvas, 18x24" > Inquire 
Robert Siegelman
untitled (Matt), 2017, Epson archival digital print, 17x22" > Inquire 
Keira Kotler
untitled 12 [Radiance], 2015, inkjet print on aluminum, 15x20" > Inquire 
Louis Risoli
Moonrise, 2021, oil on canvas, 26x20" > Inquire 
Henry Schwartz
untitled (dreaming figure), 1991, oil on museum board,18x24" > Inquire 
Peri Schwartz
You Want It Darker, 2018, spit bite aquatint with drypoint on paper (Edition of 25), 17.5x21" > Inquire 
Lana Z Caplan
Site of Public Execution by Burning at the Stake . . ., 2007, sepia toned silver print (edition of 3), 22x21" > Inquire 
Joseph Barbieri
Astronomer, 2020, oil on canvas, 8x17" > Inquire 
Peter Brooke
Prairie Nocturne, 2020, oil on panel, 24x20"    Sold> Inquire 
Nicole Chesney
Violet Nocturne 2, 2019, oil on acid-etched and mirrored glass, 60x60x1.5"    Sold> Inquire 
Mary Kocol
House at Night, Isle of Wight, 2003, type C photograph (edition of 15), 28x28" > Inquire 
DinorĂ¡ Justice
Portrait Forty - after Matisse's "The Dream" 1935, 2021, oil and acrylic on canvas, 19x19"    Sold> Inquire 
Masako Kamiya
Nirvana, 2020, gouache on panel, 20x18.5"    Sold> Inquire 
Bryan McFarlane
Like the Ocean at Night - Nocturne, 2021, oil on linen, 32x40" > Inquire 
Terry Rose
Emit, 2008, oil, micron pigment, enamel on aluminum, 48x36" > Inquire 
Gerry Bergstein
Day For Night, 2021, oil on paper, 22x30" > Inquire 
Todd McKie
The Night Watch, 2019, flashe on canvas, 24x30"    Sold> Inquire 
George Nick
Rainy Philadelphia, 1983, oil on linen, 30x40" > Inquire 
Jaclyn Kain
Among the Stars, 2020, cyanotype on untreated cotton fabric, 32x43" > Inquire 
Peter Vanderwarker
Headlights at Dusk, Borrego Springs, 2013, type C print (Edition of 10), 22.5x30" > Inquire 
Peter Scott
#thouscarestme, 2018, relief etching (edition of 32), 19x10" > Inquire 
Joseph McNamara
EAST SIDE ACCESS TUNNEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION, 2014-15, oil on panel, 30.5x40.5"    Sold> Inquire