Jaclyn Kain at the Newport Art Museum

Forever Young: Representations of Childhood and Adolescence
Oct 4 – Dec 31 at Newport Art Museum
Cushing, Morris, Ilgenfritz, Corridor and Wright Galleries

This exhibition examines portrayals of childhood and youth from the 18th century to the present. Since the dawn of American portraiture, children have been a popular subject for paintings and photographs. Representing children is not only about capturing a likeness, but also about portraying childhood as symbolic of innocence, transition, growth, awakening, mortality, youth, education, and freedom or abandon. Drawing from the Museum’s permanent collection, this exhibition features paintings, drawings, and sculptures by 18 th to 20 th century American artists, such as Jane Stuart, Winslow Homer, Julia Overing Boit, Anna Richards Brewster, Howard Gardiner Cushing, John LaFarge, George Bellows, Arthur B. Davies to name a few. It also features works of art in a diverse range of media by contemporary artists from the Museum’s collection and beyond including Jesse Burke, Lucas Foglia, Judy Haberl, Jaclyn Kain, Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and others. Examining representations of children and adolescents over time, this exhibition celebrates and questions the various ways artists, sitters, and audiences have conceived of youth.