Joo Lee Kang and Mary Kocol at the Newport Art Museum

Avant Gardens
April 27 – Sep 8 at Newport Art Museum
Ilgenfritz, Griswold Corridor, and Wright Galleries

“Avant Gardens” brings together the work of contemporary artists who examine themes related to the garden and cultivated nature.

Taking diverse approaches to the garden, the featured artists explore several themes. While some of the artists begin with the garden as a point of creative departure to explore the aesthetic and decorative qualities of plants (flowers, herbs, and vegetables), others focus on the environmental issues related to the garden and gardening. Still there are other artists who emphasize the social dimensions of gardening by focusing on the literal and symbolic roles of gardens in cultures and communities. Collectively, the artists of “Avant Gardens” build upon and reinvigorate the long-standing tradition in art of investigating beauty, nature, and society through depictions of the garden. Participating artists include Roberley Bell, Caleb Cole, Bob Dilworth, Thea Dodds, Steven J. Duede, Lucas Foglia, Beth Galston, Joo Lee Kang, Mary Kocol, and Randal Thurston.

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