Mary Kocol Anthotype Workshop

Join Mary Kocol at the Somerville Community Growing Center for an afternoon of anthotype making. The event is free and opening to the public.

Somerville Community Growing Center
22 Vinal Ave., Somerville
Saturday May 25, 1-3 PM
Rain date: June 1

Anthotype (flower print), an Eco-friendly photo-based process that uses colorful flowers and plant emulsion to create ephemeral images and photograms, using the sun to make exposures. Learn how to extract natural color from flowers and other plants. Somerville artist photographer & Massachusetts master gardener Mary Kocol will demo this enchating light-sensitive process from the Victorian era and dawn of photography. See the various stages of the Anthotype in progress. For all the ages and experience levels: kids adults, artists, teachers, gardeners, print makers, natural color enthusiasts.

To learn more about the event and Mary’s anthotype process here.