Keira Kotler & Harold Reddicliffe Press Release

Keira Kotler: Spectrum
Harold Reddicliffe: New Paintings
April 5 – 27 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA will welcome spring with boundless color, when, from April 5 through April 27, two prominent artists show their work.

John Eric Byers & Dinorá Justice Press Release

John Eric Byers: Touch
Dinorá Justice: Come to Me She Said
March 1 – 30 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA begins March with our first solo exhibition of paintings by Brazilian-born Dinorá Justice and the seventh solo exhibition of furniture by John Eric Byers. 

Art Affair 2019

Art Affair
On View Feb 14 2018 – Feb 16 2018
Chase Young Gallery

Boston Art Dealers Association brings you an exhibition from ten galleries under one roof.

Foss & Ferrandini Press Release

Foss & Ferrandini: A Fruitful Friendship
Jan 4 – 26 at Gallery NAGA

Ringing in 2019, Gallery NAGA presents an exhibition bringing together two old friends.

Garry Knox Bennett and See for Yourself Press Release

Garry Knox Bennett: Lights Out
See for Yourself: Mirrors by Studio Furniture Makers
Nov 9 – Dec 15 at Gallery NAGA

Garry Knox Bennett: Lights Out and See For Yourself: Mirrors by Studio Furniture Makers runs from November 9 through December 15. A reception for the artists and the public will be held at the gallery on Friday, November 9 from 6 to 8 pm.

Martin Kline Press Release

Martin Kline: White
Oct 5 – Nov 3 at Gallery NAGA

In October, Gallery NAGA will present a solo exhibition of carefully selected paintings and sculptural objects dating from 1996 through 2018 by Martin Kline.

Peri Schwartz Interview on Painting Perceptions

Color and Process
by Larry Groff

I am particularly attracted to the vibrancy, clarity and resonance in these new works.  Schwartz studio investigations arrive at just the right tones for these color shapes surrounded by space and light but also leaves behind residual clues of where her journey took her;  how colors and shapes were changed and shapes reformed in her open and painterly applications of paint. A formal movement which balances exactitude with lyricism. The bottles and studio fixings are just a starting point, the true destination is in achieving a balance and unity and artful resolution. 

Lana Z Caplan and Peri Schwartz Press Release

Lana Z Caplan: Dunites
Peri Schwartz: Color & Process
Sept 4 – 29 at Gallery NAGA

Lana Z Caplan: Dunites and Peri Schwartz: Color & Process run from September 4 through 29. A reception for the artists and public will be held on September 7 from 6 to 8 pm.