Color Ways / On the Wall Press Release

Color Ways
On the Wall
June 6 – July 11 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA’s season concludes with two separate group exhibitions: Color Ways and On the Wall. These lively and colorful exhibitions are a perfect transition into summer.

Joseph Barbieri Press Release

Joseph Barbieri: Odd Ducks and Various Landscapes
April 4 – May 3 at Gallery NAGA

It’s about that time of year again. The birds are migrating back to the Northeast and Gallery NAGA is providing a landing pad in the form of avian-focused paintings by Joseph Barbieri.

Peter Vanderwarker Press Release

Peter Vanderwarker: Interventions
March 7 – 29 at Gallery NAGA

In his second solo exhibition at Gallery NAGA, photographer Peter Vanderwarker will present new, large, colorful landscapes and cityscapes along side his archival, black and white views of old Boston. Peter Vanderwarker’s photographic practice is broad and deep.  He has shot throughout the world for architectural clients, for businesses, and for himself.  Gallery NAGA’s focus is on his personal work.

For Bob / Julia Von Metzsch Press Release

For Bob: Boston Painting to Benefit Robert Ferrandini
Julia von Metzsch: Midnight at Coolidge Point II
February 7 – March 1 at Gallery NAGA

In February Gallery NAGA presents a charity exhibition, For Bob: Boston Painting to Benefit Robert Ferrandini, and a show of work by an exciting new painter, Julia von Metzsch.

Lana Z Caplan / Ben Evans Press Release

Lana Z Caplan: Peach Blossom Spring
Ben Evans: Full Count
January 3 – February 1 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA ushers in the new year with the exciting pairing of Lana Z Caplan and Benjamin Evans. Both artists present shows that explore the theme of complex relationships: humans interacting with the environment and humans interacting with each other. These two young artists offer the viewer an honest and unflinching look at the human condition and the way we live now.

Furniture With Soul II Press Release

Furniture with Soul II
May 31 – July 12 at Gallery NAGA

Organized in conjunction with David Savage’s book, Furniture with Soul, Gallery NAGA presents the second half of a two-part exhibition. The show’s 2012 installment featured the work of ten master furnituremakers including David Savage, Garry Knox Bennett, John Makepeace and Judy Kensley McKie. The latest chapter showcases eight new faces from the United States and the United Kingdom who are on the cutting edge of furniture design. The exhibition continues to explore the impressive dynamism of woodworking and will display a unique selection of studio furniture that reflects the extraordinary relationship between the makers and their craft.

Peter Brooke Press Release

Peter Brooke: Sanctuary
April 26 – May 25 at Gallery NAGA

Peter Brooke returns to Gallery NAGA with a new body of work, Sanctuary, which showcases an imaginatively reconstructed travelogue of the artist’s past two years. Brooke’s adventures served a muse for his further exploration of atmospheric skyscapes and dark woodscapes hinted at in his last show- a shift in direction from his usual deep and panoramic seascapes. Peter Brooke’s inspiration can in part be credited to his month long residency in Northeast Harbor, Maine, funded by Richard Estes’ Acadia Foundation.

Todd McKie Press Release

Todd McKie: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Look at Art Again
March 29 – April 20 at Gallery NAGA

April begins with new paintings by Todd McKie, whose pared down figures presented in entertaining situations, are actually quite complicated.   These highly developed plots, brimming with McKie’s dry wit, are set against flat, colorful backgrounds.

Gerry Bergstein Press Release

Gerry Bergstein: Theory and Practice
March 1 – 23 at Gallery NAGA

Gerry Bergstein has long been recognized as one of the most influential painters in this region. Now, after a year-long sabattical from teaching, his work has reached a crescendo.

Gregory Gillespie Press Release

Gregory Gillespie: Tranfixed
November 9 – December 15 at Gallery NAGA

2012 will end, at Gallery NAGA, on a high point with the work of one of America’s most important contemporary painters, Gregory Gillespie (1936-2000).  Gregory Gillespie: Transfixed is on exhibition from November 9 through December 15. A reception for the public will be held at the gallery on Friday, November 9 from 6 to 8 pm.

Bryan McFarlane Press Release

Bryan McFarlane: My Dragon’s Silk Road
September 4 – 29 at Gallery NAGA

Launching its 36th season, Gallery NAGA presents the work of Bryan McFarlane, whose fourth solo show at NAGA vibrates with color and light.

Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, Joo Lee Kang, Martin Kline Press Release

Approaching Volume: Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, Joo Lee Kang
Martin Kline: An Introduction
October 5 – November 3 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA is pleased to present the work of Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, and Joo Lee Kang in a group show, Approaching Volume. This exhibition explores volume through the lens of three young talented artists and their distinctive mediums. In his debut at Gallery NAGA, featured examples of Martin Kline’s compelling encaustic work and metal-based sculptures will be on view in the Back Room.