Gregory Gillespie Press Release

Gregory Gillespie: Tranfixed
November 9 – December 15 at Gallery NAGA

2012 will end, at Gallery NAGA, on a high point with the work of one of America’s most important contemporary painters, Gregory Gillespie (1936-2000).  Gregory Gillespie: Transfixed is on exhibition from November 9 through December 15. A reception for the public will be held at the gallery on Friday, November 9 from 6 to 8 pm.

Bryan McFarlane Press Release

Bryan McFarlane: My Dragon’s Silk Road
September 4 – 29 at Gallery NAGA

Launching its 36th season, Gallery NAGA presents the work of Bryan McFarlane, whose fourth solo show at NAGA vibrates with color and light.

Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, Joo Lee Kang, Martin Kline Press Release

Approaching Volume: Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, Joo Lee Kang
Martin Kline: An Introduction
October 5 – November 3 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA is pleased to present the work of Nicole Chesney, Masako Kamiya, and Joo Lee Kang in a group show, Approaching Volume. This exhibition explores volume through the lens of three young talented artists and their distinctive mediums. In his debut at Gallery NAGA, featured examples of Martin Kline’s compelling encaustic work and metal-based sculptures will be on view in the Back Room.