Gerry Bergstein at Gallery VERY

Death Show
Jan 14 – Feb 11, 2023
Gallery VERY, Boston, MA

VERY is pleased to begin the winter season with Death Show, a special compilation exploring how death reveals itself as both an unspoken subtext and conscious motif in the work of ten artists.

Connected Spaces Press Release

Connected Spaces: Cheryl Ann Thomas and Michael F. Rohde
Jan 6 – Mar 4, 2023
Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA welcomes 2023 with a selection of works by two artists, Cheryl Ann Thomas and Michael F. Rohde, in a feat of interdisciplinary collaboration. This exhibition was first organized by the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona California and curated by Jo Lauria, Adjunct Curator for the American Museum of Ceramic Art and a design historian based in Los Angeles, California.

Alice Denison Press Release

Alice Denison: Posy Riot
Nov 11 – Dec 17, 2022 at Gallery NAGA
Opening Reception: Friday, November 11, 5-7pm

2022 concludes with an exhibition of exuberant new oil paintings by Alice Denison.

Sophia Ainslie at MITIMCo

Convergence  – Pop-Up Exhibition
Nov 15 – Dec 22, 2013
MITIMCo, Cambridge, MA

Join us for Convergence, an immersive, art pop-up exhibition at 238 Main Street, Cambridge, MA that explores connection and convergence – the convergence of disparate materials, unexpected combinations, and the weaving together of stories.

Harold Reddicliffe Press Release

Harold Reddicliffe: New Paintings
Oct 10 – Nov 5, 2022 at Gallery NAGA

October opens with a full-gallery exhibition of new paintings by Harold Reddicliffe. 

Lorie Hamermesh Interview

We are excited to share this recent interview with Lorie Hamermesh conducted by Peter Scott for The Boston Printmakers Quarterly Letter.