Joseph Barbieri Press Release

Joseph Barbieri: Avian Antics, Languid Landscapes, and Some Fishes
April 6 – 28 at Gallery NAGA

Joseph Barbieri: Avian Antics, Languid Landscapes, and Some Fishes runs from April 6 through April 28 at Gallery NAGA.

Robert Ferrandini at deCordova

Lived Space: Humans and Architecture
April 4 – Sep 20 at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

Just as expressions like “corridors of the mind” and “window to the soul” illustrate a link between architecture and our inner world, the artists featured in Lived Space explore our psychological and physical attachments to the places we build and inhabit.

Joseph McNamara Press Release

March 2 – 31 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA is pleased to present our first major exhibition of paintings by Joseph McNamara.

Art Affair 2018

Art Affair
On View Feb 13 2018 – Feb 18 2018
Adelson Galleries Boston

Boston Art Dealers Association brings you an exhibition from thirteen galleries under one roof.

Esther Solondz Press Release

Esther Solondz: So Lightly Here
January 5 – 27 at Gallery NAGA

January’s winter stillness is mirrored by the quietude and restraint of Esther Solondz’s work inside Gallery NAGA.

George Nick and Andy Buck Press Release

George Nick: Dreams, Schemes and Evasions
November 10 – December 16 at Gallery NAGA

Each morning, while the rest of us are rolling out of bed and rubbing our eyes, George Nick is already on his way to a painting site, sometimes traveling an hour and a half to reach it. He sets up his easel and makes the most of the early morning light. He heads back after lunch, only to work on still lifes in his studio. The next day is like the preceding one, and on and on.

Peter Vanderwarker at MIT

Surface Tension
On View Nov 07 2017 – Oct 15 2018
Center for Theoretical Physics Building 6, 3rd Floor

I had two favorite courses in architecture school:  One was titled Materials and Methods:  it covered the details of what architects build with:  glass, steel, concrete, brick.  The other course, Shades and Shadows, required us to render these materials in pencil, ink, and watercolor.