George Nick and Andy Buck Press Release

George Nick: Dreams, Schemes and Evasions
November 10 – December 16 at Gallery NAGA

Each morning, while the rest of us are rolling out of bed and rubbing our eyes, George Nick is already on his way to a painting site, sometimes traveling an hour and a half to reach it. He sets up his easel and makes the most of the early morning light. He heads back after lunch, only to work on still lifes in his studio. The next day is like the preceding one, and on and on.

Peter Vanderwarker at MIT

Surface Tension
On View Nov 07 2017 – Oct 15 2018
Center for Theoretical Physics Building 6, 3rd Floor

I had two favorite courses in architecture school:  One was titled Materials and Methods:  it covered the details of what architects build with:  glass, steel, concrete, brick.  The other course, Shades and Shadows, required us to render these materials in pencil, ink, and watercolor.

Nelson Da Costa at Harvard

The Shape of Memory II
On View Oct 4 2017 – Dec 5 2017
Transit Gallery

Nelson F. Da Costa was born in Kwanza, Norte Angola into a family of farmers. In 1984, pushed to leave by Angola’s socio-political situation, he received a scholarship to finish high school in Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. 

Nicole Chesney Press Release

Nicole Chesney: Aubade
October 6 – November 4 at Gallery NAGA

Gallery NAGA is pleased to present our second major solo exhibition of paintings by Nicole Chesney.

Mary Kocol and Henry Schwartz Press Release

Mary Kocol: The Garden Ephemeral
Henry Schwartz: Muse
September 5 – 30 at Gallery NAGA

In recent years, Mary Kocol’s work has shifted focus from the saturated, urban twilight shots that defined her photographs for so long to the fleeting existence of flowering plants.

Party at The Buttery

It’s Always Pimm’s O’clock
June 27, 5 – 9 pm 2017

Join us for a party at The Buttery in the South End. Raffle prizes include your pet’s portrait by Boston artist Ed Stitt.

Terry Rose in The Boston Globe

Three countries, one decade multiple universes
By Cate McQuaid

Terry Rose’s paintings are experiments. His process involves mixing dry pigments and oils into layers of liquid varnish applied to an aluminum panel laid flat. The materials react — dispersing, puddling — sometimes with the aid of a hairdryer.

Terry Rose Press Release

Terry Rose: USA>China>Mexico
June 2 – July 14 at Gallery NAGA

Terry Rose has been living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for the past two years making work and contemplating his next move. Having lived in various locations in the US for most of his life, he moved to Shanghai in 2012, before moving to Mexico in 2015. The changing landscape and rhythms can be felt in his paintings, and most recently, his ceramics.

40th Anniversary: Artists A – K Press Release

40th Anniversary: Artists A – K
May 5 – 27 at Gallery NAGA

Meg White, the director of Gallery NAGA, joined the gallery’s staff in 1999, after stints in New York with Sotheby’s and the Dia Art Foundation. She quickly became the key collaborator of Arthur Dion, then the gallery’s director.

Peter Vanderwarker Press Release

Peter Vanderwarker: Sublimation
March 31 – April 29 at Gallery NAGA

Just when you thought you could pack away your snowshoes, winter returns through the lens of Peter Vanderwarker.