Peter Brooke Press Release

Peter Brooke: Traces and Auras
May 4 – 26 at Gallery NAGA

Peter Brooke: Traces and Auras is on exhibition from May 4 to 26.A reception for the artist and the public will be held at the gallery on Friday, May 4, from 6 to 8 pm. Upper Pass Beer Company has generously provided craft beer for this event.

Accompanying the exhibition is a newly released book presenting over sixty selected paintings from twenty-five years of work. Essays by Alice Lyons and Grave-Yvette Gemmell, an interview with Brooke by Mitchell Manacek, and a photographic essay by Glenn Suokko provide a deeper look into Brooke’s creative methods. The book is published by Valise Print Artisans, Woodstock VT and will be available for purchase at Gallery NAGA or through

On exhibition will be close to twenty paintings done over the past two years.

Brooke’s paintings are fabrications solidly based on memories of his surroundings. Neither specific as to place or time, all the paintings share a metaphysical quality.

Intuitively reacting to the landscape, he paints using an additive and subtractive process: dark paint is laid over a lighter ground and scraped away to reveal the layers beneath. The landscapes confront and recede from the viewer revealing a variation of distance and perspective.

Brooke, as always, manages to draw viewers into a world of imaginary scenery capturing not only the physical beauty but also the evanescence of each feeling. The absence of any figures or human life allows viewers to become solitary characters in each new environment, allowing them to meditate on the tension between nature and the intangible emotion of impermanence it inspires.

Brooke’s work has recently gone into the permanent collections of the Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven CT and the Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge MA.