Rick Fox Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Rick Fox is featured in two exhibitions this spring!


“Recent Acquisitions, The Ballinglen Permanent Collection”

Curated by Marg Dolan

The Ballinglen Arts Foundation              
Main Street                                             
Ballycastle, Co Mayo

Opening on March 16, 2023


Museum of Art, University of New Hampshire
APRIL 17 – MAY 13, 2023

Paul Creative Arts Center 
30 Academic Way 
Durham, NH 03824-3538

IMPACT presents works of art by Rick Fox, the 2023 award recipient, and Shaina Gates and Isabella Rotman, 2023 finalists, of the prestigious Piscataqua Region Artist Advancement Grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. The grant recognizes the contributions of working artists to the cultural life of the region by providing an annual financial award of $25,000 to support the artistic growth of artists and craftspeople. It is designed to help in the development of an artist’s career, providing unrestricted financial assistance to meet the needs of artists to advance their studio practice.  The purpose of the award is not to reward past work, but to recognize the applicant best positioned to continue the improvement of their artistic career. The award is also intended to inspire philanthropy by encouraging others to support artists living and working in our community, as well as the many local arts organizations that present the visual arts to the public.

Award winner Rick Fox is a painter who focused primarily on plein air landscapes until 2020, when he began a simultaneous studio activity of working with the human head. The turn in subject matter remains true to Fox’s style of bold strokes and urgent lines composed with a thick slash of paint. For Fox, the mirror in his studio and the experience outside in the open air continue to inform each other. He lives in southern Maine, which provides the source for visual material for his primary love and practice of landscape painting. To learn more about Fox and his process, join the Q + A from 5:45 – 6:00pm on April 20, 2023, at the Museum of Art. Viewers can also see recent interviews with with Rick Fox from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and the podcast Creative Guts.

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