Sophia Ainslie at MITIMCo

Convergence  – Pop-Up Exhibition
Nov 15 – Dec 22, 2013
MITIMCo, Cambridge, MA

Join us for Convergence, an immersive, art pop-up exhibition at 238 Main Street, Cambridge, MA that explores connection and convergence – the convergence of disparate materials, unexpected combinations, and the weaving together of stories.

The installation, brought to life through the collaborative vision of Boston-based art advisory firms avec and art_works, creates a space for togetherness, a meeting point for creative expression, storytelling, and celebration. The artwork on view spotlights local artists and responds to the space’s architecture and surrounding environment for a one-of-a-kind experience available to everyone. Live programming, ranging from workshops to performances, will be scheduled to take place for the run of the exhibition.
Convergence features a group of artists local to Cambridge working in the community, including: Sophia Ainslie, Adria Arch, Elisa H. Hamilton, Madeleine Lord, Kitauna Parker, Ponnapa Prakkamakul, Gupi Ranganathan, Jason Talbot, and Curtis Williams.The exhibition will also feature temporary installations and spatial activations by Cyrille Conan, Ponnapa Prakkamakul, Uzo Ngwu, Jason Talbot, and Curtis Williams.

art_works is an art advisory operating both within the art world and outside of it to facilitate opportunities for communities un-represented and under-represented within the traditional art ecosystem. We partner with companies, brands, and individuals to build significant contemporary art collections, art programs, and execute experiential, site-specific art commission through a mission-driven lens.avec is a mission-driven, curatorial advisory firm that partners with businesses to create engaging spatial experiences in the built environment. Driven to democratize the art world, avec collaborates with clients to deliver exceptional installations while focusing on local, under-represented, emerging artists. avec is… artists. visibility. equity. capital. art is for everyone.

MITIMCo strives to advance the Kendall Square innovation ecosystem as a vibrant mixed use district with residential, retail, and commercial uses, along with active gathering and open spaces. Together, these elements help to cultivate an environs where creative collaboration, the crosspollination of ideas, and a community-driven ‘can-do’ spirit lead to technological breakthroughs in service of our planet and broader society.