Sophia Ainslie / Rick Fox Press Release

Sophia Ainslie: Spill without Splatter
Rick Fox: Close to Home
Oct 8 – Nov 6, 2021 at Gallery NAGA

Reception: Friday, October 8, 6 – 8pm
Rick Fox Walk-through: Saturday, October 16, 2pm
Sophia Ainslie Walk-through: Saturday, October 23, 2pm

Ultimately my painting is a celebration and orchestration of the visual elements and their relationship to each other.  My intention is to create a visual sense of democracy between these elements—a harmonious coexistence and sense of equality.  My process is a conversation of trial and error, which when successful, opens my eyes to new and surprising outcomes. – Sophia Ainslie

The practice of painting, and the perceptual translation of the world to the flat surface, in any situation is complex and dynamic. But throw into the mix the standards of plein air painting, it becomes an irresistible, full-on adventure. The thrills of changing light, surprise snow squalls, horsefly season, and dive-bombing red-wing blackbirds keep me on my toes – Rick Fox